Welcome to
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Our Mission: "To gather as God's People, to worship, to grow in faith, in love, and to reach out to the world as Disciples of Christ"

Sunday Worship: 10:30 - 11:30 am, followed by Coffee Hour

* Hearing assisted devices available

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What's New In Our Church?

Dear Friend(s),

It is always exciting to let you know what's happening at St Andrew's Church.  Since I will be away for a couple of weeks the following ministers will fill in for me.  


  Aug 3 & 10 Allan Mcpherson

Aug 17 Heather Vanderstelt

Aug 24 Don Parkinson

Aug 31 this sunday I will be back in the pulpit.


Sept 7 is Rally Sunday, the Sunday we all get back.  I look forward to your return then.  Have a great summer, and if you have any questions please give us a call at 905 648 6024 if you would like to rent space at St Andrews or would like a wedding, or a baptism. 


Rev Henry Huberts



Our Community

Hello Friend(s),

St Andrew's church is an awesome community of people who look forward to meeting every sunday to catch up with friends, and learn more about this Big God who created the universe, who knows each of us by name, and who loves us.  Maybe these things also interest you.  You are invited to come and check us out.


Your friends at St Andrew’s

Upcoming Events

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